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Company Profile

        NNCLighting is a global high-tech innovator in the field of solid state lighting. With world-class management ,R&D team ,advanced equipments of R&D and manufacture, NNCLighting insists on strict QC system and strives to provide high performance products and excellent after-sale service.Based on our unique patented technologies cutting edge quantum dots technology, BC2W color mixing technology,special CIA thermal management technology, NNCLighting dedicates to deliver breakthrough, differentiated and sustainable solutions to the global lighting industry.Combined the advantages of US technology, low cost of Made-in-China and strong sales network, NNCLighting adheres to the philosophy that LED lights should be meet the standard of “high light quality, high efficiency, low lumens depreciation”, NNCLighting designs,manufactures luminaires with unique properties that maximize the efficacy and light quality. The patented designs deliver superior light quality/high CRI without scarifying the system eficacy. The “smart/intelligent”functions also bring to the world with brighter life.NNCLighting is now leading a revolution of “light”.NNCLighting, lighting up the future.


2001 -- NN-Labs was established in the United States      

》Advanced functional materials development company based on research and development semiconductor materials, precious metals, and magnetic metal oxide nanocrystalline materials;                                                  
》Possess a number of international patented technologies on nanocrystalline materials synthesis;       
2009 -- Hangzhou Najing Technology Co.,Ltd. Was established in Hangzhou      
》A high-tech companies focus on Nanomaterials science and technology           
》Acquired the U.S.NN-Labs's intellectual property rights in the field of solid luminescent solar and medical diagnostic in 2009                             
》Launched Qshift products and technologies at the 14th International Lantern Festival in Las Vegas in May 2010                                                 
》Hangzhou manufacture center was founded in Sept 2010.Achieved the commercial applications of nanocrystals in the field of solid-state lighting                 
》A number of utility model patents granted in Sept 2011   
2010 -- NNCrytal U.S. Corp. was established in the United States
》Focus on providing breakthrough, unique,and sustainable technology solutions for the global lighting industry.These solutions are base on the company's advanced functional materials                                                 
》Possess two unique patents in the field of solid-state lighting:Qshift Lucid and Qshift Coral      
2011 -- Hangzhou Nanocrystal Lighting Technology Co.,Ltd was established in Hangzhou      
》R&D,manufacture,and sale the lighting products with high efficiency and high light quality                                                          
》 Possess BC2W color mixing technology,special CIA thermal management technology,Qshift quantum dots technology